The RJ Conspiracy

Total Raised to Date: $8,650

Total raised in 2019: $16,729

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Pledge The RJ Conspiracy so they might have a better chance at winning Battle of the Bands for Wellspring.

Formed way back in 2012, for the Wellspring Battle, and with a few changes over the years, the RJ Conspiracy version 4.0 continues to lay down the greatest classic rock sounds.

We play a number of gigs each year but the highlight of the year is the ”BATTLE OF THE BANDS FOR WELLSPRING” where get to raise money for such a great local charity…. With our friends in the other bands and in front of a large, appreciative and generous audience.

Thanks to our main sponsor, Versabank, and all the corporate and individual donors who support Wellspring through our little rock band.

Welcome Scott “the Grinch” Atchison to the Conspiracy.  For this year’s Battle, we also welcome our guests, Rainer Wiechmann on lead guitar and Tim Regan of “58 Fury” on Bass.

Congratulations to all the staff and volunteers, and our good friends Adam Bain and RBC/DC, and Randy Parsons, on the 20TH ANNIVERSARY of the Battle.  You guys are amazing!  We’re honoured to share the stage with all our friends and to be a part of such a great event, that really puts the “fun” in Fundraising!

Let’s Rock for Wellspring!

Rick Jankura – Lead Vocals and Percussion
Dave Whitney – Lead Guitar
Scott Atchiison -Guitar – Lead and Backup vocals
Joan Whitney – Bass
Joe O’Neill – Drums

Rick “the RJ in RJ” Jankura – Every once in a while they let Rick out of his cage for a little play time.  No one is more surprised than Rick to learn that he is a casual rock n’ roll crooner.  Big Popi has finally convinced him to accept his hairline as it is and retire his collection of showtime wigs.  He is a lover of classic rock who looks forward to kicking back and performing from time to time with a group of talented musicians whose chance for Bieber-like stardom has passed them by.

Joe “Big Popi” O’Neill – Leader of “The Conspiracy”, engine of the band, father confessor and  dubious role model for the kids.  The only member of the band to have actually been at a Beatles concert.  Having now passed the half century mark behind the kit, he has finally learned the secret  – “hit’em hard – they don’t hit back”.  He has also learned a lot about music from his much younger colleagues.  The band has really become great therapy for on-setting old age.  It’s mostly therapeutic now.

Matteo “Tater” Pauselli – Growing up in the cold wilderness of North Western Ontario, Matteo didn’t have much to do other than play guitar.  Some of his influences are Eric Johnston, BB King, and Joe Satriani.  His favourite spot is to sit in the groove with the drummer and bass player. The band hasn’t caught on yet, but if you look close, his amp is connected to an old Sony Walkman with a Credence tape stuck in it and his guitar cable is actually a Twizzler he snacks on to regain energy from Pete Townshend style stage acrobatics.

Joan “Jett” Whitney – In 1986 Joan “Jett” Whitney left her gig with a touring rock band to settle down and marry Dave “Spaceman” Whitney.  Before joining the RJ Conspiracy she travelled with a polka/swing dance band playing numerous weekend engagements across southern Ontario and is a veteran of many Oktoberfests.  Joan also plays bass in “Lobster Boy”, a joint project with her aspiring husband, “Spaceman”.

Dave “Spaceman” Whitney – Dave “Spaceman” Whitney decided to become more serious about playing the guitar at the ripe age of 49 and made his first appearance on stage on his 50th birthday.  Since then, he has been playing guitar at various events with his band, Lobster Boy, as well as the RJ Conspiracy.   Dave is a graduate of the Music Industry Arts Program at Fanshawe College.