The EllisDominators

Total Raised to Date: $7,875

Total Raised in 2019: $15,525

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EllisDon’s unofficial band, the EllisDominators, was formed in 2016 for one reason – to rock.   Since their inception, the band has raised over $30,000 for charity… while blowing over 1,500 people’s minds.  The EllisDominators have embarked on their four date, 2018 World Tour with stops in London (…. Ontario), Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Be sure to check out the band at the Wellspring Battle of the Bands and watch them hoist the Paul Stanley Cup.

The EllisDominators are:

Trent Ogilvie – Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar: When not being a manger of Business Development or singing for the EllisDominators, Trent is heavily engaged and focused on his Instagram account and “curating” content for his whopping 450 followers. Trent recently bought a motorcycle and a leather jacket, only for the instagram pics as he is too scared to​ ride ​his (motor)bike.

Billy Michoulas – Backing Vocals & Lead Guitar:  Aka “the Grecian Formula” is responsible for writing all of the EllisDominators marketing and communications material.  Billy is the greatest Vice President in EllisDon’s history and the greatest lead guitarist of all time. Watch out Heather Locklear, this centaur of a man looks like a young Ritchie Sambora!

Doug Aris – KeyboardsJust like Paul Schaffer, legendary bandleader for David Letterman, our only 60’s era member Doug brings his talents from a childhood musical genesis in Thunder Bay:

When not throwing darts at a wall as a straight up member of EllisDon’s estimating team, or carving the smoothest of turns on a ski hill, his wilder side comes out when cranking out hit after hit on stage with the almost famous EllisDominators.

Jeff Mastronardi – Drums: Our man Jeff meets all the stereotypes of of a classic hard rockin’ drummer. Have you ever heard of the ‘Little Drummer Boy’? Well, Jeff’s a Big Drummer Boy—and Christmas is coming early this year. He’s ready to hold down the rhythm and lay the foundation for the EllisDominators in their quest for total EllisDomination.

Gabriele Mabrucco – Bass Player :  The newcomer to the EllisDominators.  Straight from a project site, this hardhat wearing rocker looker was inspiration to the Village People.  Frequently getting mistaken for one of the Ramones, we nick named him Gaba Gaba Hey.

John Bernhardt: EllisDon CFO, Wellspring Board Member. John is also the acting Manager, Tour Bus Driver and Triangle Soloist of the EllisDominators. When not busy doing the aforementioned, you can find John at EllisDominators concerts “interviewing and issuing” backstage passes to potential super fans.