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In 1971 (or was it 1997?) band members Adam Bain, Ed Kaszuba and Bruce Fairles formed a band called Margin Call.

Margin Call was basically an Eagles cover band with a mix of other boring tunes thrown in. The band was once called by Ed’s wife as “the worst band ever to be paid to play”. The criticism was getting to the entire band, especially Bain who spent the better part of the next three years in and out of rehab. Upon his third release and blaming his addiction to cough syrup on ‘boredom with the music’, he and his band mates formed the band that is now known to all as RBC/DC!

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Ed “Feedback” Kaszuba – Bass player, soundman, and the nicest person in the band
Derek “Atomic” Reeves – Drummer
Adam “Angus” Bain – Lead Guitarist, Investment Advisor, and synchronized swimming enthusiast
David ” So Sue Me” Kirwin – Rhythm Guitarist, lawyer, politician, animal rights activist, and avid hunter
Johnny “The Needle” Traut – acupuncturist, psychotherapist, interesting person, lead singer and Doctor of love