What’s Going on in 2021?

Dear Fans, Friends and Supporters,

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that we are unable to hold an actual physical Battle this year.  However, we are excited to announce that we have put together a different kind of event that we feel sure will keep the excitement and momentum going into 2022!

This year, we’re taking certain elements of the Battle online. The focus will be on celebrating the event’s history by thanking and paying tribute to all those who’ve helped us make the Battle so successful over the past two decades.

Some Things Remain the Same… 

We are still moving forward with our Band Pledging and our Silent Auction. Both are accessible through this website. And of course, we will still be awarding the Paul Stanley Cup. The winning Band will be determined in part by pledges, but also by other ‘secret’ (for now) criteria.

Some Things are Different …

Just because we can’t party in the usual way, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. On Friday, June 18th 2021, we’re going to provide a link to a very special pre-recorded, celebratory ‘show’ put together in order to recognize and thank the many individuals, bands and supporters who’ve helped make the Battle such a success over the years. Towards the end of the show, we’ll unveil a special piece of art that will hang proudly and permanently in the Wellspring Center and will serve as a conversation piece for the hundreds of people who access our space each year.  You can register for the free link to the show when you make your donation or band pledge.

Here’s how you can help … 


Please help us continue to reach out to cancer patients and their families by making a donation in lieu of what you would have otherwise spent on the evening… Ticket price, bar tab etc. All donations/pledges eligible for a tax receipt. As in past years, all funds raised will support Wellspring’s Cancer Support Programs and Services. Not the painting.

Pledge a Band

Help your favourite Band win the Paul Stanley Cup! We are going to continue with our Band Pledging just as in past years. Please click on Pledge A Band to make your pledge.  

Support our Silent Auction

Support our Silent Auction! We have some fabulous items up for bid. Items are being added daily and will be up for bidding Friday, May 21st.

Celebrate and Pay Tribute

On Friday, June 18th, 2021 at 7pm we’re premiering a pre-recorded celebratory show hosted by Jean Meilleur. We’d love you to watch while we thank our supporters, unveil the Art Work and award the Paul Stanley Cup to the winning band. We’re also using this opportunity to thank Adam Bain (who is retiring from the organizing aspect of the Battle) a fitting send-off!  Register when you make your donation and/or Band Pledge and you’ll receive a free link to our pre-recorded show a few days before June 18th.

Thanks to LC Productions for capturing the evening on video!

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